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About Stacey Mullings

With years of experience as a litigation Law Clerk, Stacey Mullings is now a Paralegal and Commissioner for Taking Affidavits who is licensed with the Law Society of Ontario. The main focus of her practice is Landlord and Tenant matters but she also provides Small Claims Court representation and handles Employment Law cases. Ms. Mullings has received a 'Statement of Recognition' Certificate for her work in Alternative Dispute Resolution which includes Mediation and Negotiation. Stacey aims to provide quality, confidential services at affordable rates and legal solutions are customized to match specific needs. Please get in touch for more details about these and other services provided in the Durham Region and GTA. Email:  or Phone: 416-825-1872 

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Legal Services

Case Analysis



Always Prepared

Stacey Mullings will review all relevant documents and discuss the case strategy with you to prepare for navigating the often confusing court process. She provides straightforward legal advice, comprehensive services and her mission is to deliver high quality Paralegal services at a reasonable cost.

Legal Research and Writing



Attention to Detail

Whether it involves locating cases to compose a brief, drafting Pleadings or Motions, Stacey Mullings has experience in conducting the necessary research to assist with your case. She will devote the time needed to ensure that each client gets a candid evaluation with practical solutions.


Commissioner for Taking Affidavits



Mobile Service

As a licensed Paralegal, Stacey Mullings can administer legal oaths or affirmations and can swear Affidavits or Declarations. To accommodate busy schedules: daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.  For added convenience, Stacey can come to your location.  

Court and Tribunal Representation



Professional Advocacy

Stacey Mullings is committed to providing accessible and affordable services you can trust. Count on her capable, timely, courteous and effective representation to be tailored to client’s individual needs. She understands that every situation is unique and requires personalized attention. 

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